Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Best Alfredo Sauce

I am lucky to have a wonderful father-in-law, Garen, who has such a passion for cooking! I secretly want to submit him to compete in next seasons' Master Chef...he could definitely give Gordon Ramsey a run for his money! :)
He was gracious enough to share this recipe with me months ago and Im not going to lie, I have been scared to make it myself ever since...There is just something about Alfredo Sauce that is intimidating to me. (Maybe it has something to do from when I was in my teens and spent two hours scraping scortched butter from the bottom of my mothers cookware while trying to make my first go at alfredo...yeah, not too fun!)

So when my husband requested me to add it to this weeks menu, I remembered how
EASY and DELICIOUS it really is! I quickly ran to my recipe folders, pulled it out, and saw that my father in law mentioned the SECRET to making this PERFECT read, "DO NOT BOIL, OR IT WILL SCORCH"! How I wish I had that advice years ago, lol!

We ate it for our Sunday dinner (I served it chicken fettuccine alfredo style, with warm homemade french bread and a green salad). I have never heard more
OOOOO's and AAAAAAHHHH's in my life! My husband said it was one of the top best meals he has ever had and my little guys had Alfredo sauce covering their mouths for days! The leftovers tasted just as great! Definitely a hit and will be made more that I know the secret!
This is one of those meals that is GOOD on the lips, but not too good on the hips...don't worry, you can work it off later! It is
SOOOO worth it!!!

It makes a big batch... I would definitely divide it out and freeze (or plan on eating it over the next few days).
****Makes a great sauce for a chicken alfredo pizza, and tastes amazing dipped with warm french bread! Enjoy! And thanks again Pappi Staley for letting me share your recipe on this blog! :)


1 quart heavy whipping cream (Wal-mart's generic brand works the best)
2 cubes real butter
4 Tbl Olive Oil
1 tsp salt
1 SMALL jar of minced garlic
3 triangle blocks of parmesan cheese (Frigo brand)-freshly grated
1/4 cup flour mixed with 2 cups of water


EVERYTHING must be done on medium heat or it will scorch!
Melt 2 cubes butter with olive oil and salt in a large pot
Once melted dump in as much garlic as you like to taste (usually about 1/2-3/4 of the small jar)
Blanche the garlic in the melted butter mixture
Pour in the 1 quart heavy whipping cream and heat to just short of boiling
Grate the parmesan cheese (if you haven't already) and dump in the pot
Stir with a wisk until completely melted
Add the water/flour mixture and stir until it is as thick as you want
*when you take it off the heat it will set some more
**you can make it as thick or as thin as you want by how much flour/water mixture you add