Friday, May 29, 2009

Layered Chicken and Black Bean Enchiladas

I received this recipe from an Enrichment class about 2 years ago and it has become one of our FAVORITES ever since!  This is so EASY and only takes a few minutes to whip up once you have all of the ingredients.  It is VERY versatile and you can totally add or substitute ingredients to your liking.  I like adding extra enchilada sauce, 1 can of corn (drained) and often substitute 1 can of diced tomatoes w/green chile's (drained) if I don't have green chile's on hand.  You can even leave out the chicken (if you forgot to cook it, just don't have any on hand or don't prefer meat) and make it vegetarian style by adding one can of corn. 


1 (15 oz) can black beans, rinsed and drained
1 (15 oz) can corn, drained (optional) 
1 (4 oz) can diced green chile's 
2 C chicken, cooked and cubed
1 (10 oz) can enchilada sauce (I ALWAYS add more though)
8 corn tortillas (I often use 12 and put an extra layer on top)
1 (8 oz) container sour cream
1 1/2 C Mexican cheese blend, shredded (or whatever you have on hand)


Preheat oven to 375 degrees.
Lightly grease pan (11x7) with cooking spray.
In medium size bowl, combine black beans, corn, chicken and diced green chile's; set aside.
Place small amount of enchilada sauce in bottom of pan, just enough to coat.
Layer first 4 tortillas.
Add 1/2 of chicken mixture, 1/2 C cheese, 1/2 of the enchilada sauce and dollop, randomly, 1/2 of the sour cream.
Repeat the layers using the rest of the ingredients.
Cover and bake for 40 minutes.  
Sprinkle with remaining 1/2 C cheese and bake, uncovered, for an additional 10-15 minutes. 
In a medium size bowl


Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Tomato, Garlic, and Basil Chicken Burgers

I LOVE BBQ meals! Last summer, Christie made these for us sisters at a little get together and I completely fell in love! They are super easy and fun to assemble, plus the marinated chicken is very tasty! This is a GREAT ALTERNATIVE to the traditional beef patties! Enjoy!


Chicken breast or tenderloin strips (boneless/skinless)
1 packet Tomato, Garlic, Basil Marinade Seasoning by McCormick (found in the Taco Seasoning section)
1/4 cup water
1/4 cup olive oil
2 Tablespoons balsamic vinegar
Red Onion slices
Green Pepper Slices
favorite condiments
Onion-style hamburger buns

In a large plastic bag, combine the seasoning packet, water, oil, balsamic vinegar and chicken. Mix well and place in fridge to marinate.
When ready to serve, cook the chicken on the BBQ, or bake in the oven (covered) at 400 until no longer pink and cooked through.
Toast buns and place sliced chicken onto each bun and top with your favorite condiments.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Banana Bread w/ Streusel Topping

There is nothing better than a warm slice of homemade banana bread smothered with butter.  This is one my FAVORITE recipes to use when I have any extra brown bananas on hand.  I LOVE adding chocolate chips to the batter, but my husband prefers it just plain.  The streusel topping adds an extra sweetness and makes the banana bread that much more SATISFYING when you have a real sweet tooth on hand!


2 C flour
1 1/2 t baking powder
1/2 t baking soda
1/4 t salt
1/2 t cinnamon
1/4 t nutmeg
2 eggs, beaten
1 C sugar
2 bananas, mashed
1/2 C oil
Streusel Topping


Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
Grease bottom and sides of one 9X5 inch loaf pan.
In a large bowl, combine flour, baking powder and soda, salt, cinnamon and nutmeg.  
Mix well and set aside.
In another bowl, combine sugar, eggs, bananas and oil.  
Add banana mixture to the flour mixture and mix until lumpy.
Pour batter into pan and sprinkle with Streusel Topping.
Bake for about 60 minutes or until toothpick, inserted in center of loaf, comes out clean.

Streusel Topping


3 T flour
1/4 C brown sugar
1/4 t cinnamon
2 T butter


Combine first 3 ingredients in a medium size bowl.
Cut butter into mixture using a fork.
Mix until crumbly.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Chicken with a Twist

Yesterday afternoon, when trying to figure out what to make for dinner, I realized I really needed to hit up the grocery store.  Luckily we still had some basics in order for me to make this new twist on both chicken and mac n cheese.  I found the recipe on and it is SUPER EASY and took me less than 20 minutes to make.  Since I am pregnant and have a harder time finding the energy to make dinner on a daily basis, I doubled the batch so we have enough leftovers for lunch and dinner for the next couple of days!


1 can condensed Cheddar Cheese Soup (I only had Nacho Cheese on hand.  It made it a little more spicy but still tasted yummy!)
1 C Picante Sauce
1/4 C milk
1/2 t garlic powder
1 can corn, drained
1 1/2 C cubed cooked chicken
4 C hot cooked rotini


Mix all ingredients in a large skillet.  Heat over medium heat until warm.  

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Not-So-Stuffed Porkchops

This is my mother's recipe that I tend to make on Sundays. It is super easy and quick to prepare (taking all of maybe 10-15 minutes) and it cooks the whole 3 hours of Church! The slow cooking of the "chops" makes it extremely tender and juicy! Yum! I usually do not have the patience to actually pound out and stuff the porkchops so this way of preparing the meal is right up my alley! Enjoy!


Pork loin chops, Bone-in (my favorite) or boneless
Garlic Salt
1 box Prepared Stuffing (or homemade)


In a large frying pan, on meduim-high heat, brown each porkchop. On each side, sprinkle with the seasonings. You do not want to overcrowd the frying pan, so it may be easier to brown them one or two at a time. When all the chops are browned and seasoned, pile them all in the same frying pan, COVER with the lid, and place in the oven on the LOWEST heat (195-200 degrees) for 3 hours. Make sure that your pan/handle/lid are all oven safe. If you do not have an oven-safe pan, place the browned porkchops in a slowcooker/crockpot and cook on low for 3-5 hours. A half hour before you serve (or when you get home from Church), sprinkle the PREPARED stuffing on the bottom of a lightly greased 9 by 13 inch baking dish. Arrange the porkchops on top and bake at 325 for about 20 minutes. Serve with your favorite sauce or gravy!

*During the last baking time, I usually take the frying pan with all the juices and frying bits from the porkchops and make a gravy. That way, nothing goes to waste!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Baked Ziti

This recipe makes the BEST baked ziti.  This is yet another recipe given to me by my sister Stephanie when I first got married, and still is one of our FAVORITES.  It makes a lot so it is a great dish to make for when you have dinner guests over.  I love it because if you don't have any extra ground beef or turkey on hand, it tastes just as great without the meat.  This recipe is definitely a keeper!  (This is a picture of what the ziti looks like before it goes into the oven for baking.)


1 (16 oz) pkg uncooked ziti
1 lb ground beef (I use ground turkey)
1 onion, chopped
2 (26 oz) jars spaghetti sauce (I like using homemade)
12 oz sliced provolone cheese
12 oz sliced mozzarella cheese (I use shredded)
1 1/2 C sour cream
1/2 C Parmesan cheese
1/4 C chopped fresh basil


Preheat oven to 350 degrees and lightly grease (cooking spray) a 9x13 baking dish.
Cook pasta for 8-10 minutes, drain.
While pasta is cooking, brown meat and onion.
When brown, drain fat and add spaghetti sauce and simmer for 15 minutes.
Spread a little of the sauce on the bottom of the dish.
Layer 1/2 of the pasta, 1/2 of the provolone and mozzarella cheeses, 1/2 of the sauce and ALL of the sour cream.
Repeat with the rest of the pasta, provolone and mozzarella cheeses, sauce and top with all of the Parmesan cheese.
Sprinkle fresh basil on top.
Bake, uncovered, for 30-40 minutes.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Refreshing Lemonade

For a short period during my teenage years, I worked for the infamous Hot Dog on a Stick. I loved sportin' the attractive hat (sigh) and especially loved getting to eat the food. There were many days that I spent "squishing" the lemonade in the large barrel while receiving some funny looks from bystanders, but the best part about being the "lemonade cooker" was that I HAD to test each batch! It was there that I grew to LOVE Lemonade...and I mean L-O-V-E! Now it is a must in our household to have fresh-squeezed lemonade in an ice-cold pitcher during the warmer months of the year! Although HDOS will NOT EVER release their "secret ingredient" (not even to the employees) which makes their version simply THE BEST, this recipe cuts it quite close! Enjoy!


1 cup fresh-sqeezed lemon juice (takes about 6 lemons)
7 cups cold water
1 cup sugar


Squeeze the fresh lemons (I like mine chilled in the fridge beforehand). Place in a large pitcher (at least 2 quart size). Add the water and sugar. Stir until all the sugar is dissolved and pour into glasses with ice.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Honey Baked Chicken

This is a very SIMPLE and DELICIOUS way to jazz up chicken! It only uses 5! I love to add these chicken pieces to my salads for lunch or pair them with yummy steamed veggies and rice for a great dinner meal.

2-4 boneless chicken breasts or (6-8 tenderloins)
1/3 cup butter, melted
1/3 cup honey
2 Tbsp mustard
1/4 tsp salt


Place chicken pieces in a shallow pan. Combine all remaining ingredients and pour over chicken. Bake for 1 hour at 350, basting every 15 minutes.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Chicken Bundles

I just made these, since forever ago, just this past Sunday for dinner and I totally forgot how YUMMY these were!  I actually was given a few different variations of this recipe, which I totally like because I am able to pick and choose the ingredients that I think make the TASTIEST bundles.  Part of this recipe comes from one of my favorite Young Women's leader and the other half is from a recipe my sister Stephanie had given me when I was first married.  Pair these up with a nice salad and some mashed potatoes and you will have a delicious COMFORT meal!



2 C cooked, shredded chicken
1 (8oz) pkg cream cheese, softened
1/2 C butter, softened
1/4 t salt
1/8 t pepper
2 T green onion, chopped
2 cans crescent rolls
1/2 C crushed corn flakes
3 T butter, melted


Preheat oven to 325 degrees.
Mix cream cheese, 1/2 C butter, salt, pepper and green onions in a bowl.
Add chicken and mix well.
Roll out each individual crescent roll.
Place 2 T of chicken mixture on each crescent.
Roll up and seal.
Dip individual bundles in melted butter then in corn flakes.
Place on cookie sheet and bake for 25 minutes.
Can serve with gravy (optional).
Makes 16 bundles.



2 cans cream of chicken soup
1/2 C sour cream
chicken seasoning mix* 


Heat soup, sour cream and seasoning mix.

*If you don't have chicken seasoning mix, or even know what it is, just use some of your favorite seasonings to taste.  I often use a little garlic salt along with some pepper.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Sweet Potato Waffles

I LOVE sweet potatoes and find myself mixing them into just about ANYTHING... mac & cheese, spaghetti sauce, ect.  I really think it is one of the GREATEST most FLAVORFUL vegetables out there and I love the fact that it is SWEET.  When I found this recipe on, I was SUPER excited!  It seriously made the BEST waffles and reminded me, a lot, like pumpkin waffles.  This recipe made probably about 6 full sized round waffles which meant I had some leftovers on hand, SCORE!  I froze what was leftover and for my son's breakfast each morning, I put 2 sections in the microwave for about 30 seconds, then pop them right into the toaster.  Who needs Eggos anymore when you have these sweet, delicious and nutritious waffles on hand? 



1 C whole wheat flour
1 C white flour
4 t baking powder
1 t cinnamon
1/4 t clove
1/4 t nutmeg
2 eggs, separated
1 1/2 C milk
1 C sweet potato puree
3 T oil
1 T sugar


Mix first 6 ingredients (dry ingredients) on bowl.
In a separate bowl, mix egg yolks, milk, sweet potato and oil (wet ingredients).
Pour wet ingredients over dry ingredients; stir until moistened.
Beat egg whites with mixer until soft peaks form; add sugar until stiff peaks form.
Fold egg white mixture into the rest of the batter.  
Pour mixture into waffle maker and you are done!
(These waffles are super yummy topped off with buttermilk syrup!)

Buttermilk Syrup


1 1/2 C white sugar
3/4 C buttermilk
1/2 C butter
2 T corn syrup
1 t baking soda
2 t vanilla


Cook sugar, buttermilk, butter, corn syrup and baking soda.
Bring to boil and cook 7 minutes.
Remove from heat and stir in vanilla.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The Taco Ring

The first time I tried this meal was at my friends Pampered Chef Party. It was so tasty and I ended up leaving that party with a couple of their cookbooks ordered to be delivered to my house. It was such an exciting day when I received my package, pulled out my newest cookbooks and supplies, and starting making this dish again all by myself. I definitely recommend that everyone has a couple of PC's cookebooks in their kitchen! I have tweaked the original recipe just a TEENEY-TINY bit (to fit to my liking), but bascially it just the same. It is so TASTY and it looks like a professional chef whipped it up! I made this for dinner again last night (with my little tweaks) and it was still a BIG HIT with my hubby and little men!


1/2 - 3/4 pound ground turkey (or beef)
1/4 cup diced onion
1/4 cup diced green pepper
1 pkg taco seasoning
1 1/2 cup shredded sharp cheddar cheese
2 1/2 T water
2 packages crescent rolls
bell pepper
shredded romaine lettuce
chopped tomato
olives (optional)
extra cheese
sour cream

Brown turkey/beef on stove. Add the chopped onion and green pepper and cook until veggies are softened. Drain any grease and add the taco seasoning, water, and cheese. Remove from heat and cover. On a round baking stone (or pan), place each crescent roll with the point hanging off the side of pan. Overlap each piece of dough to create a full circle. Scoop a 1/4 cup of the meat mixture onto each piece of dough. Take each point (that was hanging off) and bring up and over the filling and tuck under the wide ends of dough at the center of the circle. Bake at 375 for 20-25 minutes or until golden brown and dough is cooked through. Cut the top off the bell pepper off, and clean out the seeds. Pour your favorite salsa inside and place the entire pepper in the center of the ring. Take your cut up lettuce and spread around the middle. Top with chopped tomatos, olives, and more cheese (whatever your favorite taco toppings are). Serve with some sour cream.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Guacamole Dip

Feliz Cinco de Mayo everyone!  I wanted to post a yummy Mexican meal but, unfortunately, I planned poorly and am actually not making our little fiesta dinner until tonight.  But, I do have my FAVORITE guacamole dip ready for you.  I am posting two different recipes, the first one comes from the McCormick Guacamole seasoning packet and the other is one that I use whenever I don't have the packet on hand.  They are both SUPER EASY and YUMMY!

1st Variation


1 pkg McCormick Guacamole seasoning packet
2 avocados
1 T lime juice (can use lemon if lime is not available)
1 tomato, chopped
2 T red onion, chopped 


Peel and chop both avocados; place in bowl. If you like your guacamole to have more of a creamier consistency, mash avocados.
Add the seasoning packet and the rest of the ingredients; mix.

2nd Variation:


2 avocados
1 T lime juice
2 T red onion, chopped
3-4 T salsa (more or less, depending on taste) 


Peel and chop both avocados; place in bowl.
Add rest of ingredients; mix. 

Monday, May 4, 2009

Chicken Pasta Parmesan

This recipe was given to me by a Relief Society sister in our first married ward! This woman is an amazing cook and I soon became a fan of all her recipes in the ward's cookbook! This meal in particular, is one that we make very often...especially when I am clueless about what to make for dinner and need something FAST, HEALTHY, AND EASY!


2 Tbls vegetable oil
1/4 cup chopped onion
1 can cream of broccoli OR cream of chicken soup
3 Tbls milk
1 lb boneless, skinless chicken breasts (cut into cubes)
1 cup sliced fresh mushrooms (optional)
1 cup cooked broccoli flowerets
1/2 cup grated parmesan cheese
Hot cooked spaghetti


In skillet over medium heat, add the oil and heat. Cook the chicken and onion until chicken is browned and the onion is tender (I like to add garlic salt and pepper to the chicken while it cooks). Stir in the soup and milk. Add mushrooms, cooked broccoli, and 1/2 cup of cheese. Reduce heat to low. Cover and cook 10 minutes, or until chicken is no longer pink. Stir occasionally. Serve over hot spaghetti and (if desired), sprinkle more cheese on top.
*You can also add 1/2 cup thinly sliced peppers (green/red) instead of the broccoli.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Barbeque Chicken Pizza on the Grill

Okay, so after posting my favorite pizza dough recipe, I just HAVE to post my ABSOLUTE favorite pizza EVER!  The first time we made this we were HOOKED and my husband claims that it even tastes better than California Pizza Kitchen's infamous BBQ Chicken Pizza.  Anyways, it may seem a little more complicated, than just popping the pizza in the oven, but once you make it you will realize it is WORTH the extra effort!  


Cooked and shredded/chopped chicken breast (about 1 per pizza) lightly coated in barbeque sauce 
Barbeque sauce (any brand will do.... but the better the sauce the better the pizza.  We LOVE using Sweet Baby Ray's)
1 onion, thinly sliced and lightly sauteed 
1 green pepper, thinly sliced and lightly sauteed
1 (12 oz) pkg sliced Provolone cheese
extra shredded cheese (mozzarella, cheddar... whatever you have on hand)
fresh parsley or cilantro, chopped (optional)


Roll out pizza dough to desired size and thickness.
Place on pan and refrigerate until ready to grill.
Heat grill to about 350 degrees or medium heat.*
Place all topping ingredients on tray and bring all ingredients, including the uncooked pizza dough, out to the grill when ready.
Working quickly, first place the rolled out dough on the grill.**  
Then spread desired amount of barbeque sauce directly on the dough. 
Top with shredded chicken, sauteed onions and peppers, cheeses and parsley.
Close grill and turn heat down to between 220-250 degrees (cooking temp may vary depending on your grill).
Allow pizza to cook about 10 minutes before checking to see if you need to turn down or up the heat/gas.***
In order to determine whether pizza is done, check bottom of crust. 
Pizza is usually ready within 15-20 minutes, depending on grill.

* Temperature may vary depending on individual grill.
** Dough may shrink a little once you take it off the pan.  Try to stretch the dough out right before you place on the grill. After placing the dough on the grill use a spatula to try to straighten/stretch out to desired size.  This is the hardest part of the whole process.  Once you have the dough on the grill, everything else is a piece of cake!  
*** Remember temps and times may vary depending on grill.  If you think the heat is up too high, check your pizza sooner.