Thursday, July 23, 2009

Pome-Granola-Vanana Parfait

This has been one of my favorite breakfast meals the last couple weeks. My sister Christie has been in town and we got talking about our favorite things from Trader Joe's. One day I went to visit with her and she told me how yummy this meal was! Since then I have been hooked! I am not huge into eating breakfast, but do know just how important it is for your body. I try to make the most of what I intake and make sure that everything has a good amount of nutritional value! All of the ingredients I got from Trader Joe's (my FAVORITE grocery store) and it all tastes DELICIOUS!!! My hubby, and two boys prefer this over cereal any day! This meal is packed with nutrients and gives my body its energy boost! It is easy to customize the parfait to your liking by just adding your favorite berries (fresh or frozen) and use what you have on hand. I like to make a couple of these to keep in my fridge for when I am craving a sweet snack! :) This is seriously SO GOOD!!! Enjoy! Sorry about the picture....I wasn't planning on sharing this until the very last minute!


Vanana Yogurt (its a vanilla-banana blend)
Vanilla Almond Granola
Pomegranate Arils (you can find these packaged, all-ready-to-eat)


Spoon some yogurt on the bottom of a serving dish
Sprinkle some granola over
Layer some more yogurt
Again, sprinkle more granola and top with some pomegranate arils

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