Monday, June 8, 2009

Homemade Flour Tortillas

It seems that my cravings for food are becoming more and more specific now that I am further along in my pregnancy.  Last week, I was REALLY craving fajitas with homemade tortillas and was finally able to fulfill my pregnancy need last night.  This was my very first time actually making homemade tortillas and, like bread, I will NEVER go back to store bought.  These are more FLAVORFUL, super SOFT and just melt in your mouth with every bite!  

A full batch of these makes about 60 tortillas so I had to freeze most of mine.  If you don't need or want to make as many, just half the recipe.  I got this recipe from one of my mom's old ward cookbooks and I have to say that the lady who submitted it was known for her Mexican fare.  Again, these are SUPER YUMMY and definitely well worth the effort! 


11 C regular flour
1 C shortening
2 T salt
2 T baking powder
5 C boiling water
1 C extra flour


Mix first 4 ingredients.  When all is mixed, add water gradually and knead until smooth.
Line cookie sheets with wax paper.  Make small balls (all the same size); flatten with fist so they will take on a round shape.
Place on cookie sheet and cover with another piece of wax paper; then cover with cotton towel.
Let cool 2-3 hours, dough has to be cold (do not refrigerate though).
Pat well into extra flour and start rolling from center of dough.
Roll up and down evenly; do not over press.
The first few times all you are trying to do is shape the tortilla, when tortilla is the size start applying pressure.  This dough is very pliable and easy to handle.
In hot skillet (medium-high), cook tortillas only for a few seconds on each side.  (Do not use an electric skillet as it does not get hot enough.)
Place cooked tortillas on a cotton towel to cool, not touching each other.
After they are completely cool, you can stack and freeze them.

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