Thursday, April 2, 2009

100% Whole Grain Wheat Bread

I am a HUGE fan of whole wheat bread but last year was in search of a new recipe.  My original 100% whole wheat bread recipe made great bread for toast but was a little too dry to ever make sandwiches with.  So, what did I do?  I hopped on to Google and searched for whole wheat bread recipes.  It took a couple of trial and errors to finally find this recipe that I, and the rest of the family, absolutely LOVE.  I found it on and am SO grateful for the woman who decided to share her family bread recipe.  This bread is SUPER moist and YUMMY and is a constant staple in our home and hope it becomes one in yours as well!

2 3/4 C hot water
1/3 C olive oil, any oil is fine (I like to use canola)
1/3 C honey
2 T molasses
1 T salt
2 T dry active yeast
7 1/2 C 100% whole grain wheat flour

1)  Place the first 5 ingredients in the bowl and mix.
2)  Add:  2 Cups 100% whole grain wheat flour (to cool the water and end up with warm           dough).  Mix then add 2 T of dry active yeast.  If you are not sure about your yeast, proof it in a little warm water first.
3)  Add:  4 Cups of 100% whole grain wheat flour.
4)  Mix until the consistency is some what even.  Then continue to slowly add flour 1/2 Cups at a time until the dough quits sticking to the sides of the bowl.  It should be tacky to the touch.  The trick is to have the consistency to stand up with the least amount of flour so the bread will be fluffy.  It will most likely be 6 1/2 Cups but in any case DO NOT exceed 7 1/2 Cups of flour.  Don't over mix or the bread will be tough.
5)  When your dough is finished, leave it in the mixer, cover the bowl and let it rise for about 45 minutes.  The dough will be larger but it doesn't need to be double.
6)  Grease 2 bread pans with Crisco.  You can also flour the pans to reduce sticking.
7)  Mix the dough again just enough to knock it down at least close to the original size.  
8)  Drop the dough on a floured surface so you can work the dough and shape it into two separate loaves, using extra flour as needed.
9)  Drop the loaves in your bread pans and let them rise until almost doubled.  Bake in preheated oven at 350 degrees for exactly 36 minutes.
10)  When done, turn loaves out of the pan to a rack to cool.  After they are done cooling, I usually wrap one of loaves up in saran wrap and foil and place it in the freezer which keeps it fresh and moist for later use. 


  1. I just pulled my first loaf of this out of the oven. Delicious! I'm excited to see how long it stays yummy (although, it may not last long enough...).

  2. I made it and it's delicious! Thank you! I put one in freezer too.