Wednesday, April 1, 2009

A Little About Ourselves...

Natalie, Stephanie, Jennifer, Christie & Sarah

from my (Sarah's) point of view.  Let me introduce my sisters and I - just to give you a little glimpse of who we are.  Starting from the far left:  

Natalie (youngest of us 5 girls):

Since she was young, she has ALWAYS been known for her imaginary mind, which she is now able to implement in her baking and cooking!  Natalie is the sister that will ALWAYS answer her phone, so if you ever need to talk to somebody, she is your go-to-girl!  Natalie and her hubby have two sweet little boys that keep them VERY busy.  Natalie is known for her SUPER-DUPER yummy treats!

Stephanie (2nd oldest of us girls and the rest of the fam):

She is probably the MOST creative woman I know!  I often refer to her as the HIP Martha Stewart.  Right when you walk into her house, you feel like you have just walked into a Pottery Barn magazine.  If you were to ever give her just two ingredients, she would be able to make a HUGE delicious meal out of it.  Stephanie and her hubby are super busy with their three kids and brand new law firm!  Stephanie is known for pretty much ANYTHING she makes!

Jennifer (the oldest of 8 children):

As you can tell from the picture, Jennifer is preggers with her 5th child and due ANY day now!  If you EVER have a question about ANYTHING, Jennifer has the answers.  This girl knows pretty much anything and everything and is the one to call, especially if it has anything to do with household remedies or child rearing.  She is the one who gave me my VERY first recipes when I first was married that I still LOVE and use today! 

Christie (3rd oldest of the fam and of us girls):

She is probably the most free-spirited of the bunch!  Christie is also known for being VERY creative and has great knack for fashion- she ALWAYS looks cute.  She is always on the go with her hubby and 3 children.  Christie has a real FUN sense of humor and you will ALWAYS have a good time when you are around her.  Like Natalie, she is also known for her treats and grilling recipes.

Sarah - me (2nd youngest of us girls):

As for me, I don't know really how to describe myself besides that I LOVE LOVE LOVE food and to cook.  I could spend all the days of my life in the kitchen, and probably will.  I believe that cooking and baking almost EVERYTHING from scratch is not only the best thing you could do for you and your family's health, but is also beneficial to your budget.  My husband and I have a VERY active little boy and are expecting our 2nd baby at the end of the summer.  My sisters', and the rest of the family would all probably agree, that I am most known for my roll and bread recipes.    

And last, but not least, I have to give a shout out to our WONDERFUL mother!  She was the one who taught us what we know today and none of us would be here if it wasn't for her.  Our families and future generations will so greatly benefit from you just teaching us 5 girls the basics, and more, of cooking and baking.  We LOVE and THANK you so much for EVERYTHING you have given us.  You really are the BEST mom in the world!


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